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I live on a sailboat, sometimes, that means moving a rifle out of the way so I can take a piss.

So the hotel has “free wifi”

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This seems to mean, wifi just barely faster than tethering via my phone. wtf?

Facebook no more

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Dropped facebook, they are getting creepy.

Dim Sum More

•December 9, 2006 • Leave a Comment

Dim Sum this month was at Chna Gate (basically, 7th and King in Seattle’s international district.) Service was fast, food was good. Nothing to outre was presented, sad to say. We saw no chicken feet. But a fun time was had by all. Roughly $12 per person, which makes it the second most expensive Dim Sum we’ve done so far, but $12? pshaw!

Good excuse to sit and natter with friends.

Trusted computing

•December 9, 2006 • Leave a Comment

Trusted computing?

That’s the concept that your computer should do what some big company tells it to do, rather than what *you* tell it to do.

It should be called trusty computing, with you as the prisoner.

Eat, drink, and be merry, even if your name is Phil

•November 23, 2006 • Leave a Comment

Turkey day approaches!

Veteran’s day

•November 13, 2006 • Leave a Comment

Salute to veterans, a late post, but only because I haven’t gotten into the habit of recording everything in a blog.

Brothers in arms (and sisters too these days) health, wealth and joy to you all.


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